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Sunday, February 19 2017 @ 07:56 PM CST
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Memorial Sculptures Taking Shape

The Fallen Warrior Memorial is beginning to take shape. Sculptor, Cindy Burleson, is nearing completion of a major milestone in the memorial construction. The wax sculptures are almost complete, giving a glimpse of the final work. Once the wax figures are complete, these will be used to cast the molds that will be used to create the bronze figures.

Thank you Cindy for all your hard work and providing this project your incredible talents!

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Pflugerville Downtown Association Donates $5,000

The Pflugerville Downtown Association donated $5,000 to the Fallen Warrior Memorial Project. At a brief ceremony at the memorial site in Pfluger Park, the Association presented Fallen Warrior Memorial Committee Chair Mike Marsh the check.

We would like to thank the Pflugerville Downtown Association on behalf of the citizens of Pflugerville and the Fallen Warrior Memorial Committee.

Pictured are:

(front row kneeling:)
David Garlick - Wordyisms; Mark Evans, Greg Varady, Jaime Gori - Memorial comm.

(2nd row, left of check:)
Jean Garlick / Wordyisms; Terri Gebbia / Keep Pflugerville Beautiful

(3rd row, left of check:)
P.J. Buerger / Princess Craft; Britta Herzog / Pflugerville Country Gallery; Carolyn Graf / Flowers and Frills

(4th row, left of check:)
Melissa Duncan / Pflugerville Motor Co; Sherry Randig / Flowers and Frills

(2nd row, right of check:)
Janice Heath / First Texas Bank; Michelle Pundt / PF4, Carolyn Hiza / Frost and Lawrence Interiors, Retha Jackson, Lloyd Hebbe / Comerica Bank; E.V. Hernandez / EV Hernandez Photography

(back row, left of check:)
Erskin Fiebig / MSM Shipping; Duane Blakeslee / Blakeslee, Monzingo, Neal

(back row, right of check:)
Gwen Blakeslee / Blakeslee, Monzingo, Neal; Mike Marsh / Memorial comm.

Thank You!

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Pflugerville Lions Club Donates $5,000

The Pflugerville Lions Club donated $5,000 to the Fallen Warrior Memorial Project. At the May 23rd meeting the Lions Club Board presented Fallen Warrior Memorial Committee member Mike Marsh with a check for $5,000. Mr. Marsh thanked all the Lions club members for their support and their generosity.

The Lions Club donation has opened another opportunity for a planned $5,000 match with the Prudential Financial that is facilitated by Callahan Financial Services of Pflugerville.

Pictured are (Left to Right): Ray Kaatz, Mike Marsh, Harley Saathoff, David Sinclair, Fred Maas, Wally Erickson, Charles Shaw, Gary Glass, Guy Gebbia.

If you see any Lions Club members, please thank them on behalf of the Pflugerville Community and the Pflugerville Fallen Warrior Memorial Committee.

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Memorial Project Raises Public Awareness

The City of Pflugerville hosted the 30th Annual Deutschen Pfest on May 21st and 22nd at Pfluger Park. This pfamily event gave the Fallen Warrior Memorial Committee the perfect opportunity to raise community awareness and spread the word on the project.

The Fallen Warrior Project had a presence in the Deutschen Pfest Parade, but not what was originally planned. The committee built a wonderful float that was a depiction of the planned memorial, but as the parade began, the coil wire on the jeep pulling the float broke, rendering the jeep unusable. But, in true military style, Maj. Kristi Hilton and Ret. USMC GySgt. Greg Varady grabbed the banner from the float and marched the entire parade route holding the Fallen Warrior Memorial banner. Thank you!

During the festivities at the park, the committee set up a booth at the memorial site to increase public awareness. There was a field cross with a donation box attached and the committee raised over $1,000 in donations. Photo by Pastor Keith Born.

One of the most exciting things about this weekend was the opportunity to educate Deutschen Pfest participants in the history behind the memorial and make sure they knew of the sacrifices of the eight families from Pflugerville.

Also, many parents of active military visited the site and passed along stories of their sons and daughters experiences and offered their support to the project. Several active military and retired military also stopped by and passed along personal experiences and offered their support to the project.

The Fallen Warrior Memorial Committee would like to thank everyone who stopped by the memorial site and offered their support!

Thank You!

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Memorial Groundbreaking Packed with Patriotism, Reverence

Story and photos
by Mel Spencer
Assistant Editor
Pflugerville Pflag
Reprinted with permission from The Pflugerville Pflag
Issue Date: April 28, 2005

There were moments during Pflugerville's April 21 Fallen Warrior Memorial groundbreaking, in which many in attendance were choking back swells of emotion.

Patriotic music performed by the Pflugerville High School Panther band flooded the air in Pfluger Park as residents, active and retired service men and women from each branch of the military, boy and girl scouts, families and survivors of Pflugerville's fallen, city officials, news crews and the committee members that made it all happen, filtered into the area next to Gilleland Creek. The event began with a presentation of colors by Boy Scout Troop 408, a resounding performance of "The Star Spangled Banner" by the Panther Band and Pflugerville Girl Scouts PAW leading attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance. A few introductory comments from committee members Mike Marsh and Ron Beyer were made and then Lt. Zachary Iscol, Weapons Company 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines, delivered an impassioned keynote speech. Iscol was friends with and served, in the same unit as Sgt. Byron Norwood, the Pflugerville Marine who died last year in Iraq.

"This memorial will have the infantrymen who heeded the call to our nation's service poised side by side in the uniform's of their day-each one carrying on the tradition and standard of the last," Iscol said. "Our nation and the world need such men and women, and I hope this memorial serves as a beacon of service for the young citizens of Pflugerville. This service need not be in the Marine Corps, or the military, but service of some sort to a greater good."

Iscol also spoke of some of his experiences serving with Sgt. Norwood and pointed out that as Pflugerville memorializes it's fallen, careful attention should be paid not to glorify war.

Next, committee members, along with the service men and women and families of the fallen from Pflugerville together took up golden shovels decorated with red, white and blue ribbon and tossed a bit of fresh earth to commemorate the beginning of the project.

Families of the fallen who were in attendance included Clarence Wieland, nephew of Cpl. William Wieland, Waldene Wieruscheske and Herbert Kerlin, niece and nephew of Alfred Kerlin, Robert Fuchs, brother of Kermit Fuchs, Sulema Ramos in from Dallas, sister of Jose Riojas, Francis Gibich of Richland, sister of Edmund Vorwerk, Bill and Janet Norwood, Kristen and David Hullum, Grant, Grayson and Colin Norwood, family of Sgt. Norwood. Also being honored by the memorial are Doug Smith and Raymond Correa.

Before the fundraising event that followed the ceremony, guests and participants socialized, some having met for the first time. Milling about the crowd, one could overhear civilians thanking the servicemen and women, families of the fallen reminiscing about loved ones who will be honored by the memorial and residents expressing regard and approval for the ceremony itself. "I think it's good for the community," Robert Fuchs, brother of fallen warrior Kermit Fuchs, said simply.

Iscol traveled the furthest to take part in the festivities, flying in from Camp Pendleton, Calif.

"I'm looking forward to seeing the memorial [and] the Norwood's have become like the parents of our unit," Iscol said. "Byron would have done the same thing." For more information on Pflugerville's Fallen Warrior Memorial,visit www.fallenwarriormemorial.org.


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